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Vegan Dry Body Brush

Vegan Dry Body Brush

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Is your skin feeling a little tired? Dry? Cracked? Or just in need of a little TLC? Dry brushing is an amazing way to improve your skin in so many ways! Our vegan dry body brush is a natural way to increase circulation and smooth the look and feel of cellulite. This natural bristled body brush smooths and cleanses the skin of germs and excess oil, exfoliates, and improves blood flow.

As we get older our skin loses its ability to detox and exfoliate which can clog pores. Body brushing is a quick and easy way to naturally keep your skin in great condition! Not only is this amazing dry body brush great for your skin, it is also vegan! The bristles are made from cactus fibers!! Improve your skin and be cruelty free! 

Dry Body Brush Benefits:

*Exfoliates dead skin cells

*Stimulates and improves circulation

*Rejuvenates skin cells

*Improves skin texture

*Breaks down cellulite and improves appearance

*Cruelty free and plastic free


How to Use:

*For dry brushing, brush in a circular motion and start at your feet and work your way up towards your heart. Brush up your legs one at a time, then your mid-section and across your chest. Do not forget your back! Move to your arms towards your armpits. Avoid your face and neck.

*If using in the shower, use soap and water and use a circular motion the same as for dry brushing. Rinse after use and hang dry.


Body Brush Dimensions: Length: 8” Width: 2.75” Depth: 1.25”

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