At PALMA colectiva we meticulously curate our practitioners by selecting individuals with diverse expertise, extensive training, and a deep commitment to holistic wellness. Each practitioner undergoes a rigorous vetting process, ensuring they embody not only exceptional skills but also a compassionate approach, authenticity, and a dedication to providing clients with the highest quality of care and support.

Intuitive Healer

Daniel pozas

Daniel Pozas is an Intuitive and Energy Worker originally from Mexico. He received his Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology with focus on psychoanalysis in his hometown. Later on while living in the US, he felt deeply called to deepen his studies to understand healing from a non-Western and more spiritual approach. In 2012 he got initiated by his teacher, a medium and medicine woman from Mexico, as a channel to work with Hermanitos (doctor spirits). As part of his journey Daniel also became part of the Afro Brazilian religion Santo Daime in 2016, where he strengthened his connection to Mother Earth and Spirit. Most recently, he started studying under the guidance and instruction of Kai Karrel (a mystic and a practicing medium) which has deeply impacted his growth as a medium and a healer.

Daniel's Offerings

Reiki Master and Sound Healer 

Meredith Markworth-Pollack

Meredith Markworth-Pollack is a certified Reiki Master and Sound Healer. She relies deeply on her intuition to guide her through energy work, unique and specific to each offering. She has created the Reiki Facial as a unique treatment designed to release and restore the energy stored in our face, head, scalp, neck and shoulders, particularly working with the crown chakra. 

Meredith's Offerings

Reiki Master and Intuitive Practitioner

Monique Williamson

Monique is a certified Reiki Master practitioner, an intuitive healer, and a conduit of the unseen realms.  She carries ancestral teachings with great reverence, infusing them into her practice to provide a holistically rooted approach to healing. During a session, she may integrate a combination of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, Tuning Forks, along with her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts to develop deep connection, release blockages, and bring clients back to their true nature.

Monique's Offerings

Sound Healing Therapist, Reiki Master & Spiritual Hypnotherapist 

Danielle Elese

Danielle Elese of Foxy Sage is a certified Sound Healing Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Spiritual Hypnotherapist. Her work aims to foster greater alignment by activating one's inner healer, thereby amplifying harmony in all relations. Music and song are essential to her expression, she uses Reiki-infused Sound Healing to restore balance between the body, mind, soul, and spirit. Within her musical endeavors, she creates healing soundscapes using 432 hertz crystal sound bowls, Himalayan metal bowls, various percussion instruments, and an array of chimes. Danielle's mesmerizing vocal toning is a tool for energetic healing. Her work is a transformational journey through meditation, leading individuals back to their own healing hearts.

Danielle's Offerings

Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master 

Giuliana Mitchum

An intuitive, clairvoyant and Reiki practitioner, Giuliana possesses a unique combination of gifts and skills that allows her to help others heal and transform. With a deep connection to the spiritual realm and a heightened sense of empathy, she provides insightful guidance and support to those who seek assistance. Through Reiki energy healing and intuitive counseling, she approaches each session with compassion and a desire to help others find peace, balance and fulfillment in their lives. 

Giuliana's Treatments

Massage Therapist 

Torey Schreiner

Torey is guided by the natural rhythms of the body - rhythms that are reflective of the elemental world around us.   She meets each client in the present moment, with deep listening and loving awareness. With a slow-flowing pace, long integrative strokes, and pauses, Torey invites you to return to your natural state of balance and alignment.

She holds space for you to drop deep into your body, to journey beyond the rational thinking mind, and to move into the subconscious realm of feeling. In this deep state of surrender, there is an opportunity to awaken your own inner resources for healing. 

Torey's Offerings

Tarot + Astrology Practitioner

La Donna - Laura Donahue 

LaDonna has been using Astrology + Tarot to help herself and others heal for the past 3 years. She has a unique approach to both Tarot and Astrology, which clears unproductive programming from the space, and only works with energies that are supportive and productive to the clients’ highest and best timeline. This is how she guides her clients back to their unique individual truth to find clarity, objectivity, and unconditional love.

La Donna's Offerings

Medicine Woman


With over eleven years of experience in facilitating craniosacral, somatic bodywork, and massage, Nika is a seasoned practitioner dedicated to the holistic well-being of her clients. As a certified Reiki practitioner at levels 1, 2, and 3, Nika specializes in craniosacral therapy (CST), a powerful modality focused on facilitating the expression of the breath of life and enhancing the body's innate self-healing capabilities. Harnessing exceedingly light forces, CST targets the head and spinal column but can be applied anywhere on the body, making it effective for various issues, including car accidents, whiplash, headaches, TMJ, and dental trauma.

Nika's approach goes beyond the physical realm, addressing emotional and mental trauma through what she calls the unwinding process. Each personalized session focuses on the client's current experiences, using techniques such as myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, breathwork, access consciousness, and yoga nidra. Nika incorporates singing, chanting, and various tools like tuning forks, sound bowls, and drums to move stuck energies. The use of sacred herbs, aromatherapy oils, and sound healing creates an organic and immersive healing experience. Additionally, as a trained doula and breathwork rebirther, Nika extends her support to women seeking to clear the womb space for pregnancy, offering pregnancy massage and intuitive guidance with an open heart and a commitment to embracing all path.