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Palma Colectiva

The PALMA Meditation: 25 min

The PALMA Meditation: 25 min

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Relax, restore and regenerate with a 25 min treatment on the Bio Mat Crystal Bed accompanied by the Elipsa LightStim LED light. The Bio Mat is a healing mat filled with amethyst crystals that emits Far Infrared light and Negative Ion technology. It emits a range of different temperatures for distinct uses. It can be used to sleep on, do healing treatments, for sauna sessions, and overall health and wellness. The Elipsa LightStim delivers light energy in a similar way that plants absorb light energy from the sun.  It Reduces wrinkles on the entire face and treats acne and its inflammation. Lay in  meditation with Rain Stick Therapy or specially curated PALMA Healing playlist.  This is a beautiful addition to any PALMA class or treatment. Add on a complimentary Chi Machine session if desired. 




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