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Sculpting Spoon - Nephrite

Sculpting Spoon - Nephrite

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Also known as "He Tian" Jade, Nephrite Jade is more rare than Xiuyan Jade, and in China it’s regarded for having strong healing resonance. Nephrite is a green so dark that it appears black to the naked eye and it’s also among the strongest stones used for Gua Sha tools, so it’s less likely to chip or crack (though it should still be handled with care).

We like to say that this tool gives good "hand-feel,” meaning it’s dense, smooth, and super luxe.

The Lanshin Sculpting Spoon has a rounded edge and a flat edge, for added sculpting effects. We love to use Lanshin Sculpting Spoons for precision work like cheek sculpting, draining puffiness, advanced under eye release, jaw release, sinus congestion, and more.

The Lanshin Sculpting Spoon is a great addition to any Facial Gua Sha lover’s collection, including those ready for more advanced techniques and extra sculpting efficiencies.
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