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Palma Colectiva

Private Cacao Ceremony with Meredith and Daniel

Private Cacao Ceremony with Meredith and Daniel

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Join PALMA Colectiva founders Meredith Markworth-Pollack and Daniel Pozas in a Cacao Ceremony and Meditation accompanied by gentle sound. This is a beautiful ritual to awaken, connect and ignite creativity. We will begin with a smoke clearing, known as "limpia", a traditional Mexican ritual. We’ll then speak to the benefits and purpose of ceremonial Cacao, where the indigenous communities have used this natural plant wisdom for thousands of years as heart opening medicine. Traditionally, these ceremonies were to help communities unite, share and connect. The cacao we serve is from Peru and is prepared by us in pure liquid form with a nourishing amount of milk and water, and a dash of organic honey and cinnamon to taste. An altar will be created to honor the elements, our guides, and our ancestors. Guests will be invited to bring sentimental objects or photos to contribute to the altar. 

Daniel will lead us through a guided meditation that opens our hearts to receive the ancient wisdom of the Cacao. Meredith will follow with a soothing sound bath to guide the group into stillness and relaxation. During the sound bath, Daniel will work energetically with the group, using intuitive healing practices to clear, restore and ground. We'll end the ceremony with tea and reflections. Cacao can offer great insights, creative inspiration, and deep compassion. All set up provided, including: meditation cushions, yoga mats, blankets and pillows. This is a beautiful offering for friends, family or even work retreats to connect deeper, honor each other and our ancestors, or work with a specific intention for the group. 
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Intuitive Healer

Daniel Pozas

Daniel Pozas is an Intuitive and Energy Worker originally from Mexico. He received his Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology with focus on psychoanalysis in his hometown. Later on while living in the US, he felt deeply called to deepen his studies to understand healing from a non-Western and more spiritual approach. In 2012 he got initiated by his teacher, a medium and medicine woman from Mexico, as a channel to work with Hermanitos (doctor spirits). As part of his journey Daniel also became part of the Afro Brazilian religion Santo Daime in 2016, where he strengthened his connection to Mother Earth and Spirit. Most recently, he started studying under the guidance and instruction of Kai Karrel (a mystic and a practicing medium) which has deeply impacted his growth as a medium and a healer.

Reiki Master and Sound Healer

Meredith Markworth-Pollack

Meredith Markworth-Pollack is a certified Reiki Master and Sound Healer. She relies deeply on her intuition to guide her through energy work, unique and specific to each offering. She has created the Reiki Facial as a unique treatment designed to release and restore the energy stored in our face, head, scalp, neck and shoulders, particularly working with the crown chakra.