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Plantas Medicinas

Pitta Balancing Shampoo Bar

Pitta Balancing Shampoo Bar

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Pitta, the (Fire) element, manifests as hair prone to premature thinning &greying, needs volume, shine, body, and has a sensitive scalp.

With a mind that is hot-headed, a tendency to be stressed, short-tempered, passionate or excessively ambitious.

Smells like: Forest Bathing
Feels like: A calm mind and relaxed body
Scent profile: Earthy, woodsy, rich, soft, subtle but sweet, smoky, herbal, resin-like aroma

Hair Tip:

Transitioning to natural shampoo & conditioner may take an adjustment period depending on your hair type, water and previous haircare products used. Synthetic ingredients are designed to make the hair "look and feel good" in the short term but have no real long term benefits that natural ingredients do. Be patient and trust the process.

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