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Ouroboros Bracelet

Ouroboros Bracelet

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The ouroboros is regarded as one of the oldest symbols, and can be found depicted in relics across cultures. The snake eating its own tale signifies the cycle of life—death and rebirth—, alchemy (transmutation), chaos and order, the eternal and boundless. It serves as reminder of the duality intrinsic to life and us as beings; and to our abilities to ride the waves of change and transform lows into lessons and pain into beauty.

This piece is handmade, and each one is unique. It is available in brass and gold-plated brass and features an engraving of the PSIKEY logo on the inside on the snake's head. 

There is no closure—simply stretch the bracelet to the minimum space you need to slip it onto your wrist—we recommend putting on from the side of the wrist rather than the hand to avoid extra strain on the material—then, simply tighten it back and adjust to your sizing. 

Note: avoid wearing in the ocean, pools, and with chemicals, which can damage the material and lead to early-fading of the gold-plated layer. If color changes, polish the piece to bring back its luster.

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