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Kundalini Necklace

Kundalini Necklace

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Kundalini is known as the latent feminine energy that resides coiled at the base of the spine resembling a serpent; it is the life force within each and every one of us, waiting to break free, to rise.

This energy is transformative for personal and spiritual growth; it awakens our truth, passion, power, essence, and sends it out into the world through expression and authentic embodiment. This necklace represents and honors the process, while supporting it as a talisman and reminder of your personal magic.

This piece is handmade, and each one is unique. It is available in brass and gold-plated brass, with an engraving of the PSIKEY logo on the bottom, of the snake's head. 

There is no closure—simply lightly open the necklace to put it on, and adjust according to your preference. 

Note: avoid wearing in the ocean, pools, and with chemicals, which can damage the material and lead to early-fading of gold-plated layer. If color changes, polish the piece to bring back its luster.

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