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House Clearing Consultation with Daniel Pozas

House Clearing Consultation with Daniel Pozas

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Space energy clearing consultation.

Just as clothing gradually acquires our scent the more we wear it, the spaces where we spend most of our time, sleep, rest, and work also absorbs our personal vibration, or energetic signature.

The family members, partners, children, roommates, friends, and pets also add their signature to the energetic charge of our spaces.

Sometimes, when we move into a new space, we can see the aesthetic of past inhabitants and in the best case scenario, we intentionally make these new spaces ours. We add our own style, whether by painting the walls a new color, adding our furniture, hanging art on the walls. And yet, these spaces still carry the energetic imprint of the past occupants.

A space energy clearing is the intentional and ceremonial process of removing any negative or low energy from an area that is not in the highest good for the inhabitants. Most of the time, this process is done by smudging and praying. The benefit of this kind of clearing is to create a harmonious and peaceful space, where one can rest with a feeling of lightness and add their own personal energetic signature on a clear slate.

In a space energy clearing consultation, a visit takes place to assess what kind of work needs to be done and how long it will take to complete the clearing process. This visit usually lasts between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the space.

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Intuitive Healer

Daniel Pozas

Daniel Pozas is an Intuitive and Energy Worker originally from Mexico. He received his Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology with focus on psychoanalysis in his hometown. Later on while living in the US, he felt deeply called to deepen his studies to understand healing from a non-Western and more spiritual approach. In 2012 he got initiated by his teacher, a medium and medicine woman from Mexico, as a channel to work with Hermanitos (doctor spirits). As part of his journey Daniel also became part of the Afro Brazilian religion Santo Daime in 2016, where he strengthened his connection to Mother Earth and Spirit. Most recently, he started studying under the guidance and instruction of Kai Karrel (a mystic and a practicing medium) which has deeply impacted his growth as a medium and a healer.