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Energy Rebalancing with Danielle Elese

Energy Rebalancing with Danielle Elese

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Energy Rebalancing is a combination treatment of Reiki & Sound Healing Therapy. In this in-person session, we will identify your intention for coming to seek a rebalancing session. The intention may be physical, spiritual, or emotional- many times the intention is embedded in a holistic infusion of all three. This alternative therapy is rooted in the Japanese stress relief technique, Reiki.  Alongside this powerful healing, Danielle will create a soundscape using ancient instruments and vocal toning allowing you to easily drift into the Theta state. This brainwave state is the most powerful for intentionally shifting thought patterns and inspiring innovation in creativity. You will leave this session with a fresh clarity, renewal and a clear vision when moving forward in action & deed. Many seek this session when looking for transformational healing or rejuvenation on all levels.

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