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Diamond Mind - Adaptogenic Nootropic Herbal Tea Blend

Diamond Mind - Adaptogenic Nootropic Herbal Tea Blend

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Diamond mind is the perfect adaptogenic nootropic longevity blend to uplift your morning routine. This mixture of tonic nootropic herbs was formulated to help you feel your absolute best, mind, body and spirit. It contains herbs for endurance, cognitive function and longevity, no coffee or caffeine needed here!

This East meets West nootropic tonic may help support:

•increased energy, stamina and vitality

•beautiful skin

•uplifted mind and emotions during times of stress

•cognitive function


•mitochondrial function and health

*all ingredients are organic* 

Rhodiola:  Rhodiola is an adaptogen which helps the body better adapt to stress. It boosts energy, improves athletic performance, and has anti aging and immuno stimulating properties. Rhodiola also interacts with serotonin receptors, helping treat anxiety and mild depression. 

Mucuna Puriens: Mucuna Puriens is an adaptogen and dopamine bean. It is a nootropic, it improves cognitive function which helps memory, creativity and motivation. It is a natural stress and anxiety reliever and helps soothe ADHA. Mucuna boosts libido and regulates hormones.  

Ashitaba: Ashitaba is the ultimate longevity herb. Traditionally, this leaf has been used for treating the flu, acting as a liver protectant, reducing arthritis and inflammation, blood building and healing from infections. It is packed full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidant superoxide dismutase which is known for fighting free radicals that cause cancer.  

Eluethero: Eleuthero is most known for boosting endurance, reducing fatigue, boosting fitness cardio-respiratory function and fat metabolism. Hence it is a favored herb among athletes. Because of its effect on the adrenals, it helps with chronic stress, whether it's emotional biological or chemical. It also has been shown to help with depression, possibly because of its anti-inflammatory properties (and as we know depression is inflammation of the brain).

Pearl: Yes, this is the same strong, shiny, beautiful pearl that you find in the ocean, but this is the clean powder form. Pearl can be crushed into a supplement and is the most loved Chinese medicine for beauty. Pearl helps with fine lines and wrinkles to help skin glow; it also acts as a natural SPF from the inside out. Pearl also contains super oxide dismutase which is one of the main cancer fighting antioxidants. Pearl is a pure shen meaning spirit tonic. 

Licorice Root: Licorice root is one of the lesser-known adaptogens (just like medicinal mushrooms), it's known as a "servant" herb which is good for adrenal fatigue and is an anti inflammatory and detoxes the liver. It helps strengthen the other herbs in this blend. 

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