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Palma Studio

Breath as Medicine Friday March 15th

Breath as Medicine Friday March 15th

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Friday March 15th

6-8 pm

PALMA Colectiva 1221 State St. Suite 24 in Victoria Court

Harness the transformative power of breathwork to access profound states of healing, self-exploration, and connection. Learn techniques that mirror psychedelic experiences and unlock the medicine within yourself, whether or not you use plant medicines. Explore heart coherence breath, body medicine breath, and spirit medicine breath for emotional release, joy, gratitude, and connection to higher self and source. Prepare for and integrate psychedelic experiences or access these transformative states without psychedelics. Join us on this empowering journey of self-discovery and breathwork exploration. All set up included. 

Jenn Parma is a Psychospiritual Integration Specialist, Breathwork Facilitator, and trained Death Doula. With expertise including plant medicine integration, trauma healing, emotional release, grief support, somatic/embodiment practice, and women's empowerment, she offers transformative retreats worldwide. Jenn creates personalized plans for individuals, empowering them to discover their innate healing abilities and find purpose, joy, and fulfillment. She is also the creator of Integrate-ness and Co-Creator of Grieve + Breathe, focusing on holistic well-being and grief support. 

PALMA classes are nonrefundable, however a credit can be issued toward another class if cancelled within 48 hours.  

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