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Awakening Ear Cuff

Awakening Ear Cuff

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The snake is an ancient symbol of wisdom, healing, alchemy, and of course, awakening. This piece was inspired by the beautiful process of discovering, connecting, and communing with your higher Self—with the innate truth and wisdom that echoes in your bones. It serves as a reminder to slow down and listen to your internal voice, for it is the ever-present companion guiding us through life's journey. 
This is a single handmade piece available for the left or right ear, or both. Each one is unique and available in brass and gold-plated brass, and features an engraving of the PSIKEY logo on the inside, on the snake's head. 

The cuff is malleable and will need to be adjusted for your specific ear—including the top loop, earring post, and bottom/back of the snake tail. Move it gently, but it will adjust.

Note: avoid wearing in the ocean, pools, and with chemicals, which can damage the material and lead to early-fading of the gold-plated layer. If color changes, polish the piece to bring back its luster.

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