Reiki master and sound healing therapist

Devin Petersen

Devin Petersen Is a Reiki master and sound healing therapist who is divinely guided to be of service to others, allowing the gifts of reiki and sound to shift the energies within and vibrate on the highest light frequency. 

Breathwork Facilitator and V.I.T.A. Sex, Love, and Relationship coach

Jacqueline Tozzi

Jacqueline Tozzi is an active professional member of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), as well as a crystal sound bowl therapist.

Her approach to empowered/embodied intimacy is tantric informed, somatically informed, and heavy-handed with mindfulness tools and practices specifically curated for each individual client’s needs. There is an emphasis on cultivating self-love mantras and practices, as she believes all transformation begins in safety - safety in our own bodies and safety in our own minds.

The breath-work she guides is called The Pyramid Breath Method®. The Pyramid Breath Method is somatic in nature and uses sound, movement, and breath to dramatically shift our state of mind towards positivity; freeing us from past trauma, allowing us to challenge old beliefs, patterns, and habits in a safe, responsible way.

Jacqueline's Offerings

Somatic Therapist, Movement & Voice Teacher

Teagan Rose

Teagan Rose is a Certified Somatic Therapist, Movement & Voice Teacher, Actor and Multidisciplinary Performer. She brings to her work 15+ years of experience as a theatre actress; diving into the depths of human nature, emotional expression, and the role the body plays in sharing and holding stories. She also brings 8+ years of studying alternative healing practices across the globe, from Shamanic De-Armoring, to Embodied Dance and plant medicine. She has been facilitating Somatic Healing sessions for the last 4 years. She believes the body is a home, a partner, and a teacher, and is passionate about helping people to remember the resources that live within themselves.

Teagan's Offerings