Tedde Minogue

Tedde Minogue became a Makeup Artist at the age of 16 when she got a job at a MAC counter in Northern California. She was always drawn to beauty but found that most people loved the work that she did because they felt like themselves and the idea of covering something up didn’t quite resonate with her. Becoming an Esthetician felt like a natural transition and she loved that she could start moving beyond the superficial, and start working with individuals to cultivate rituals of self care. She has worked in many different Spa’s where their focuses ranged from Medical Esthetics to Organic Day Spa’s where she learned skills like pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage techniques. What draws her now to perform facials is the quiet peace she finds while helping individuals truly relax.

  • The Monastery Signature Facial 

    Customized to your complexion, this bespoke five-step process resurfaces skin with nourishing enzyme exfoliation, refines pores through cleansing and extraction and boosts circulation and skin tone with rejuvenating, collagen-shaping massage. A tailored mask leaves skin plumped, balanced and glowing. 

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  • The Monastery Gua Sha Facial

    This Facial is the glow-inducing magic of the Signature facial deepened by the ancient art of Chinese Gua Sha technique. Here, the stone tools massage the face to stimulate the body's natural detox system for clearer skin and more even texture and tone. With boosted circulation and relieved muscle tension, this deeply relaxing treatment induces optimal skin health and instant luminosity.

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  • Monastery Everything Facial

    Do all the facials sound good and you simply can’t decide? Then the Monastery Everything Facial is for you.  It is the ultimate self-care experience is for you. Our master estheticians combine all of our favorite holistic treatments with the absolute best modalities to ensure that skin is deeply exfoliated, tightened, toned, lifted and nourished. This facial includes Dermaplaning, Gua Sha, Microcurrent and LED.  

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Berit Freutel

 “Astrology is about learning the language of symbols, translating and interpreting them. I want to encourage and help you learn this cosmic alphabet. Suppose the natal chart is your inner film script. The astrologer can find the main plot, spotlight what challenges or delights the “hero” could face, and help discover what makes your story fascinating, suspenseful, and unique. Remember: The chart has no being – you do. You fill it with life. You decide how you want to use it. You even get to act outside the script if you so choose. Let me guide you into it." Berit Freutel

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