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Palma Studio

Vocal Empowerment Choir: A Six Week Women's Vocal Alchemy Journey

Vocal Empowerment Choir: A Six Week Women's Vocal Alchemy Journey

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Wednesdays's 6-8pm:

October 11th

October 18th

October 25th

November 1st

November 8th

November 15th

PALMA Colectiva 1221 State St. Suite 24 in Victoria Court  

The Vocal Empowerment Choir is an opportunity for women to reclaim their voices, discover the radiance of their authentic sound, and birth a new pathway for expression and freedom. This choir will provide access and guidance to the many different energies the voice can embody. You will be supported in the care and nourishment of your voice, and in releasing the stories that create vocal blockages. By singing songs that channel frequencies such as love, passion, grief, anger, sensuality, innocence, and spiritual connection, we will create a vibrational field together that invites healing and harmony from the inside out.

Throughout history women have been silenced, misrepresented, told we are too loud and too quiet, told to speak up, but not in “that way.” There have also been many great women who have come before us that have challenged cultural narratives with their voices, brought peace and understanding with their sound, and have shared ancestral wisdom through songs, healing the timelines in all directions with their melodies.

It’s time to remember that we, too, are those great women. We each have a voice and are meant to use it for the betterment of ourselves, our relationships, and our communities. Let’s gather to sing, and create new possibilities, together.

No prior singing experience is required. All that is needed is the willingness to be curious, to listen, and to share. 

Teagan Rose is a Certified Somatic Therapist, Movement & Voice Educator, Actor and Artist. She brings to this space her 15+ years of experience studying emotions, movement and vocal arts, 8+ years exploring spirituality and alternative healing practices, as well as her lifelong reverence for the body and the cycles of nature. She currently lives in Santa Barbara with her partner and dog, and continues to deepen her somatic practice through aerial arts, dance, strength training, singing, and time outside. You can participate in her offerings through personal sessions, classes, or her book, The Emotional Body.

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