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Sound + Reiki at El Encanto Monday July 8th

Sound + Reiki at El Encanto Monday July 8th

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Monday July 8th 

6:30-8 pm at the Lily Pond 

El Encanto, a Belmond Hotel

800 Alvarado Pl, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Let yourself open and unfold into an expansive state of being through Sacred Sound Healing with Kelly Jean Anderson, accompanied by Reiki with Giuliana Mitchum. Explore the power of your own voice as a tool for self-expression and healing through Vocal Toning. The experience of vocal toning allows for the release of stored emotions, the awakening of dormant energies, and the integration of mind, body, and spirit. These healing vibrations and Reiki combined helps to promote an even deeper healing, restoring a sense of wholeness, alignment and clarity. All set up included. 

Kelly Jean Anderson is a singer, musician, and artist. She clears, connects, and creates healing vibrations through transformative group or individual experiences using sound, breathwork, and vocal toning. Through her own healing journey, she has learned to release energy from the body using intention, breath, and sound vibration. By opening our hearts, we heal ourselves and heal each other.

Giuliana is a Reiki Master originally from Brazil, and grew up on a farm submerged with nature. There she first started to notice her gifts of communication with the unknown. As an intuitive, clairvoyant and Reiki practitioner, she possesses a unique combination of gifts and skills that allow her to help others heal and transform. 

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