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BreathWork Session with Jacqueline Tozzi

BreathWork Session with Jacqueline Tozzi

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Private breathwork sessions are an incredible way to release accumulated stress in our body and nervous system in a safe and confidential space. In a private breathwork session we will: discuss the style of breath you wish to receive based on what you’re desiring; something activating, releasing, calming, etc. Jacqueline will guide you through 30 minutes of a breathwork/meditation technique to curated music and then integrate the session with you. 

The Couple's breathwork sessions are a great way to incorporate a healthy ritual into a relationship, to deeply strengthen connection on a somatic level.   When so much of our lives is run by the future/forward thinking brain there is great healing in connecting to the present moment and to the wisdom of our bodies. 

The breathwork Jacqueline guides is called The Pyramid Breath Method. The Pyramid Breath Method is somatic in nature and uses sound, movement, and breath to dramatically shift our state of mind towards positivity; freeing us from past trauma, allowing us to challenge old beliefs, patterns, and habits in a safe, responsible way. The Pyramid Breath Method is a transformative breathwork practice that is safe to use daily, as the nature of the practice allows you to travel as deep as feels comfortable to you. 


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Breathwork Facilitator and V.I.T.A. Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach

Jacqueline Tozzi

Jacqueline Tozzi is a certified breathwork facilitator and V.I.T.A. sex, love, and relationship coach. She is a professional member of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists), as well as a crystal sound bowl therapist.Her approach to empowered/embodied intimacy is tantric informed and somatically informed. Her work is abundant with somatic tools and tantric practices specifically curated for each client’s goals and desires. She works very closely with the body-mind and offers a loving and compassionate judge-free space for clients to access deeper layers of their innate wisdom and power.The breathwork she guides is somatic/primal in nature. The Pyramid Breath Method uses sound, movement, and breath to dramatically shift your state of mind towards positivity; freeing you from past trauma, allowing you to challenge old beliefs, patterns, and habits in a safe and responsible way.