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Couples Breath-work and Integration session with Chantal Peterson

Couples Breath-work and Integration session with Chantal Peterson

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Breathwork is a profound and accessible healing tool. It can be used as a daily practice for clarity and inspiration, as well as for deep emotional healing and release. In my private sessions, we begin with calling a safe and sacred ceremonial space in and discussing whatever it is that has called you to this session. We may use embodiment practices to ground the bodies, and direct the energy away from the mind and into the body so that any physical/emotional pain or contraction or dis-ease can be better identified, worked with and released from your system. We then move into a guided, 30-45 minute Connected Breath-work practice. In this breath-work technique we use a circular, connected intensified, yet gentle breathing pattern, which alkalizes the body and shifts the brain chemistry to allow for greater states of awareness, flow state, and breakthrough to emerge naturally. I use sacred instruments and songs to help amplify and integrate the healing that breath-work offers throughout the session. We end with time for integration.   

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Embodied Breathwork Ceremony Facilitator, RYT Certified Women's Self Care Practitioner

Chantal Peterson

Chantal is a multi-modality healer, long time yogi, certified massage therapist, a RYT Yoga Alliance certified Women's Self Care practitioner, as well as a Breath-work practitioner. She weaves embodiment practices together with powerful breath-work techniques that create transformative healing experiences and access to peak states of awareness.