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Palma Colectiva

Embodied Massage with Torey Schreiner: 90 minutes

Embodied Massage with Torey Schreiner: 90 minutes

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Each session is organically crafted for you in your current state of being. Embodied massage is guided by the natural rhythms of the body - rhythms that are reflective of the elemental world around us. Blending a mix of modalities, sessions are generally highlighted with long integrative strokes, pauses, and a slow-flowing pace. Sessions often include aromatherapy and healing sounds, inviting peace through multiple senses of the body. 

The invitation is for you to drop deep into your body, to journey beyond the rational thinking mind, and to move into the subconscious realm of feeling. In this deep state of surrender, there is an opportunity to awaken your own inner resources for healing and return to your natural state of balance, alignment, and embodiment.

The 90-minute embodied massage allows for more time to focus on specific areas, deeper relaxation, and an enhanced experience overall.
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