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Palma Studio

Cacao and Consciousness Wednesday December 13th

Cacao and Consciousness Wednesday December 13th

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Wednesday December 13th

5 - 9 pm

PALMA Colectiva 1221 State St. Suite 24 in Victoria Court

Immerse yourself in Cacao’s powerful heart-opening, clarity-inducing, and love-infusing power for a 3 hour guided Ceremony. Deepen your practice and spiritual experience with dynamic modalities like music, breathwork, guided meditations, Herbal healing and more. All set up included. 

About Ido & Sara: We hold local cacao ceremonies in our garden as we build our family and grow together through spiritual development and a shared mission of expanding consciousness through the journey back to the heart. We are students of several traditions and cultures utilizing plant medicines as important teachers, and are devoted to healing first and foremost ourselves, so we may best serve others and Mother Earth.

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