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Astro Tea Time: Get to Know Your Personal Planets Saturday February 24th

Astro Tea Time: Get to Know Your Personal Planets Saturday February 24th

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Saturday February 24th

10 am - 12:30 pm

PALMA Colectiva 1221 State St. Suite 24 in Victoria Court 

In an intimate group, Berit will take you on a little trip to heaven and talk about the so-called Personal Planets in Astrology: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Together, we will learn how to find and interpret those planets in the horoscope. Berit will also look at and address the natal chart of all participants individually – and gift each guest with the URANIAN CRYSTAL Talisman necklace she feels fits their chart best.

“Astrology is about learning the language of symbols, translating and interpreting them. I want to encourage and help you learn this cosmic alphabet. Suppose the natal chart is your inner film script. The astrologer can find the main plot, spotlight what challenges or delights the “hero” could face, and help discover what makes your story fascinating, suspenseful, and unique. Remember: The chart has no being – you do. You fill it with life. You decide how you want to use it. You even get to act outside the script if you so choose. Let me guide you into it." Berit Freutel

PALMA classes are nonrefundable, however a credit can be issued toward another class if cancelled within 48 hours.  

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